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The fundraising events throughout the year raise money that goes into a general fund which benefits Lakeland Elementary and the students. Here’s some quick information about past fundraisers and projects.







Projects funded by the PTA in previous years include:

  • Construction of 2 playgrounds
  • Sound system for the gymnasium
  • Smart Clickers
  • Teacher Wishlists
  • Air Conditioning for the gym
  • Landscaping on the school grounds
  • Funding for the Glee Club
  • Funding for the Art Club
  • Funding for the Guitar Club
  • 4 carts with 30 Chromebooks each
  • 2 carts with 20 Google Nexus tablets each


We have a full list of events and fundraisers planned for 2017-18.  Please check out the upcoming events and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.


To see the Lakeland Elementry school calendar that includes spirit nights, etc. click here